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4 products to make your business more efficient, greener and happier.

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Push Tampers

Like so many of the best innovations, Push Tampers1 seem obvious in hindsight.

Rather than twisting your arm and wrist trying to achieve a flat 90-degree angle, Push Tampers use gravity and their adjustable base to do the same. They make it easy to produce consistent shots with even extraction, and their ergonomic design has been shown to reduce repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel syndrome.2

Try This:
Position your arm as you normally would with a regular tamper. Hold it there for a little while, apply some downward pressure. You should feel a bit uncomfortable. Okay, done.

Now imagine you're holding a hockey puck in the palm of your hand. Turn your hand over. That's what using a Push Tamper feels like.

1. Push Tampers - Clockwork Espresso | 2. Can the use of an alternatively designed tamper alter spine posture and risk of upper limb injury while tamping espresso? – Diane E.Gregory, Stephanie E.Romero

Urinal Flies

Sometime in the 1990s urinal spillage in Amsterdam Airport decreased by 80%1. The reason why? They had begun placing a small picture of a fly inside each urinal. It seems that men, at least, enjoy aiming at something.

This intervention has now become a famous piece of design. Seen in urinals and toilet bowls all over the world, with many airports and stadiums taking on the idea.

Although this practice has only just hit the mainstream, it started in the 1880s, when the Thomas Crapper Co, used a picture of a bee. The Latin for 'bee' is 'apis,' a joke a Victorian gentleman would have understood. 2

One urinal merchant claims a saving in cleaning costs of up to 20%.3 Although these figures ('80% less spillage' included) appear to be pulled out of thin air, it does work. We're just waiting for a researcher who's willing to find out exactly how much.

1. Nudge - Thaler & Sunstein - p91 | 2, 3. Aiming To Reduce Cleaning Costs - Works that Work - Blake Evans-Pritchard

Squatty Potty

This is not a joke. You can increase customer satisfaction, and decrease the time they spend on the john by unkinking their colons.

In 2015 Squatty Potty took the internet by storm with their viral video "This Unicorn changed the way I Poop."1 One study showed that pooping in a squat was an average of 40 seconds faster than pooping in a sitting position — which takes an average of 130 seconds.2

Squatty Potty relieves strain and increases comfort. Also, it helps to prevent hemorrhoids — not your responsibility, but nice to know. Some businesses have already introduced Squatty Potty especially Cross-Fit Gyms, Pilates and Yoga Studios.3

The more time customers spend in the restroom, the less time they spend eating, drinking and buying.

1.This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop - Squatty Potty - YouTube | 2. Comparison of Straining During Defecation in Three Positions: Results and Implications for Human Health - Dov Sikirov | 3. According to an email I received from the director of Marketing at Squatty Potty.

Viora Lids

One of the best things about coffee is its smell; in fact, it's one of humanity's favorite scents.1 And yet, when we get takeaway coffee, it almost always comes with a lid, blocking the smell from reaching your nostrils, diminishing that most favorite of smells, and dulling the taste.2

Viora Ltd has designed a lid for takeaway coffee cups that allows the drinker to smell the coffee while they're drinking. The lid has a hole in it and is ergonomically designed to fit a nose.

Not only that, it mimics the experience of drinking from an open-topped cup, allowing a wide stream of liquid to “coat more of your taste buds.”3

1,2. Gastrophysics - Professor Charles Spence | 3. Viora - The Lid

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